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Working toward a resilient community that prevents and reduces the effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences in Guelph and Wellington County.

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Everyone has role to play in preventing and reducing the effects of adversity and promoting resilience and positive outcomes. Communities are stronger and more vibrant when all children, youth, families, and individuals are supported, especially in the face of significant stressors and adversities. The Community Resilience Coalition of Guelph & Wellington offers multiple training opportunities for community leaders and service providers. Training modules are designed to provide the foundational knowledge required to take action and promote resilience and well-being across communities. 

Available Training: 

REVISED Community Resilience Core Training – this five-module series provides foundational knowledge for people working in health and social services (for example, child protection workers, health promotion specialists, primary and allied health practitioners, parent outreach workers). However, the information shared is applicable and transferrable to all health, social service, and community settings. 

Promoting Resilience: A Science-Informed Approach to Decision-Making – this short course describes key information about ACEs and resilience that can be used by community leaders and decision-makers (for example, boards of directors, elected officials, spiritual leaders) to inform strategic and fiscal decision-making to promote positive outcomes for children, youth, and their families. 

Reducing Stress & Promoting Resilience in Young Children this module explores the role that early learning and care staff have in helping to reduce the impact of stress and promote resilience in young children. 

Promoting Mentally Healthy Schools and Resilience: Strategies for Educators – this module aims to equip educators with information and strategies to support mentally healthy schools and promote resilience among students. 

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The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Resilience learning modules were created by the Community Resilience Coalition of Guelph & Wellington. We are a coalition of community organizations working together to build a resilient community that prevents and reduces the effects of ACEs.

These modules consolidate information from multiple sources to provide evidence-based, practical information for human service providers and community members. The information and available research about ACEs and Resilience is continually expanding. These modules were developed with the best-known available information at the time of production.

The Community Resilience Coalition has referenced all materials that were included in or used to develop these modules and has endeavoured to abide by any copyright requirements for the use of the materials within the modules. Should participants wish to subsequently use or reproduce any of the materials in the modules, it is their responsibility to ensure that any such reproduction or use complies with any copyright requirements.

These modules are intended for information purposes only. Participants agree to use the information contained in these learning modules in accordance with their organization’s policies, their relevant professional certification(s), and the regulations of any college to which they belong.

Participants also agree to access clinical or other supervision to which they have access, as needed to ensure the information contained in these modules is applied appropriately in the context in which they work.

The Community Resilience Coalition and its members have no conflict to interest to declare in the development and distribution of the ACEs and Resilience Learning Modules.

As the owner of the ACEs & Resilience Training Modules, all collection of personal information is governed by the privacy policy of the Guelph Community Health Centre (Guelph CHC).  

The Guelph CHC and the Community Resilience Coalition respect your privacy and are committed to keeping your personal information accurate, confidential and secure. We collect, use and disclose your personal information only with your consent.  

The information collected by the Guelph Community Health Centre, on behalf of the Community Resilience Coalition, is used by the Community Resilience Coalition to communicate with you and to understand participation in the ACEs & Resilience training modules across geographic areas and professional sectors. This information will help us to improve content available through the website and develop new training opportunities.  

At organizations where training is required, the Community Resilience Coalition will periodically share participation information (your name and completion status) with the organization indicated at registration. The information you provide will not be shared without your consent. 

The provision of personal information is voluntary. Any personal information provided by registrants is submitted at their discretion. 

If you have any questions, you may contact the Community Resilience Coalition at or the Guelph CHC Privacy Officer at

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ACEs & Resilience Training modules are best viewed using the most current browser version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge. If you are running another browser or older browser versions, you may encounter problems accessing the training modules. 

If you have trouble accessing the training modules, try the following:

  1. Change your browser (e.g., try using Google Chrome, instead of Internet Explorer)
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Support the Community Resilience Coalition 

The Community Resilience Coalition is a grassroots community organization committed to making ACEs & Resilience training and other resources and programs financially accessible to all. We are currently funded through one-time grants and contributions. 

If you are in a position to do so, please consider a financial contribution to support the Community Resilience Coalition. Note: All contributions are collected by Family & Children’s Services of Guelph and Wellington on behalf of the Community Resilience Coalition. Your contribution will support the development of learning opportunities and resources for adults who care for and about children, and the creation of a community where all children and adults have nurturing and supportive relationships they can rely on. 

If you are mandating the training modules for people who work or volunteer at your organization, please consider making a contribution that matches the value of this new knowledge to your organization. To discuss alternative contribution options or how the Community Resilience Coalition can support your organization’s training and development, please contact us